Massages at home in Marbella and Estepona

We offer relaxing, deep tissue and lymphatic massages at your home. If you need a massage to improve your wellbeing, call us today and book your appointment.

Our experience

At Body and Soul, the main objective is to contribute to the well-being of our clients by offering massage services at home in the Estepona area and surroundings, always using quality products and natural bases.

At Body and Soul we are trained in chiromassage, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, bamboo therapy and different SPA techniques.

Benefits of Massage

Since ancient times and in all continents of the world, different cultures have developed different massage techniques, from the Greeks to the Hindus. They all agree that massages are beneficial on a physical, psychological and energetic level.


Stress reduction

dolor muscular

Decrease in muscle tension and pain


Improved circulation


Improves mood


Improves skin elasticity

Massage Services in Marbella and Estepona

All our services are at home

Relaxing massage

This massage is indicated for all types of people, its purpose is to make us disconnect and enter a state of complete relaxation. They are slow and deep passes that cover the entire body from the head to the feet.
In this massage we use essential oils that will induce us to rest.

Duration 60 min.
Price 65€

Sport massage

This massage is indicated for people who have ailments and muscle overload. It is deep and intense, emphasizing the most affected areas of the body. Most customers say it’s a “good pain”. We use essential oils and balms that promote circulation.

Duration 60 min.
Price 75€

Lymphatic drainage

The power of very soft and light movements that make our lymphatic system move, the sensation that the client will perceive is of a gentle caress. It is indicated for all those people who present edema, fluid retention, cellulite, acne, after surgical operations or for pregnant women, in addition to having a sedative effect.

Duration 60 min.
Price 65€

Body Sculpt Special

We have created the perfect fusion between Brazilian drainage (lipodrainge) and wood therapy. As a consequence, we increase modeling and drainage with immediate results in just one session.

This massage is performed by areas: abdomen or legs and glutes is client’s choice.

Duration 60 min.
Price 70€
Pack 5: 325€

Body and Soul Massage

It is the most complete massage combining relaxing massage with reflexology treating all the reflex points of the feet, ending with a cranial and facial massage for 90 minutes.

Duration 90 min.
Price 90€

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