Why does the massage hurt?

Many people associate massages with a pleasant and relaxing session, with oils and aromas that help them to disconnect and enjoy the experience. However, in some cases, in order to carry out our work well, we are going to generate pain, it is inevitable, and in this article we explain why.

Pain experienced during or after a massage may be due to several reasons. The intensity and likelihood of occurrence depends largely on the type of massage and individual sensitivity. Here are some of the reasons why massage hurts:

  1. Previous muscle tension: If you have very tense or tight muscles before the massage, it is possible that the pressure applied during the massage may cause discomfort or even pain. This is especially true in therapeutic or deep tissue massages, which aim to relieve muscle tension.
  2. Excessive pressure: Some therapists may apply too much pressure during the massage, and this can be uncomfortable or painful, especially if you are not used to the intensity. If this is the case, communicate your preferences and pressure limits to the therapist before you begin.
  3. Individual sensitivity: The perception of pain varies from person to person, and there are indeed some people who are highly sensitive. What may be a comfortable massage for one person may be painful for another due to differences in skin and muscle sensitivity.
  4. Pre-existing inflammation: If you have inflamed or injured areas on your body, a massage on those areas may be painful. For example, if you have a recent muscle injury, applying pressure to it may be painful.
  5. Type of massage: Some types of massage tend to be more intense and therefore can cause more pain. As discussed in the first point, deep tissue massage focuses on deep layers of muscle tissue and can be more painful compared to a relaxing massage.
  6. Lack of initial relaxation: If you fail to relax properly before the massage, perhaps because of nerves or a busy life, your muscles may be tense, which increases the likelihood that the massage will be painful.
  7. Detoxification: Some people experience symptoms of detoxification after a massage, such as headache or general malaise. This is because massage can release toxins accumulated in the muscle tissue.

To avoid or reduce the possibility of pain during a massage, it is important to communicate openly and honestly with your therapist. If you want to enjoy the experience you should report any sensitive or injured areas, your pressure preferences and any feelings of discomfort during the massage so that they can adjust their technique.

Why does decontracting massage hurt?

Decontracting massages can be painful because they are designed to intensively address localised contractures. Pain is often necessary to localise the muscle contracture. We employ movements and techniques that directly target the core of tension. This approach is necessary when seeking relief from localised pain, such as low back pain or a cervical contracture.

If you are in pain with a decontracting massage, instead of resorting to massage as a palliative remedy, schedule regular massages as maintenance to prevent the onset of muscle contractures. We make it easy for you, just contact us, make an appointment and we will come to your home or business in Marbella or Estepona.

In the case of the most common contractures, which are usually caused by stress or daily routines, it is recommended to stretch every morning to prevent them, especially in areas such as the lumbar, dorsal and neck. However, if we are already experiencing a specific contracture, there are various techniques to reduce tension. One effective strategy is to combine traditional decontracting massage, which uses kneading and knuckle-pressing techniques, with the application of heat and stretching movements. The latter may include elements of traditional massage such as Thai massage.

If you suffer from this type of problem on a regular basis, the ideal is to have a regular routine of stretching and breathing exercises. This will help both to prevent contractures and to treat them once they appear. You can contact specialists in these techniques or consider incorporating activities such as yoga or pilates into your daily routine.

At Body and Soul we specialise in offering home massages. This is a fully personalised experience where the client enjoys the type of massage they have chosen.

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