Golfer’s elbow massage

Golfer’s elbow or epicondylitis is an injury that affects the tendons on the inside of the elbow. Although the common name is associated with golf, this condition can occur in paddle tennis, tennis and any other activity that involves repetitive flexion and contraction movements of the wrist and forearm.

If you suffer from this type of ailment or have recently been diagnosed with it, Body & Soul can help you with massage therapy at home in the Estepona and Marbella area. Below we explain the symptoms and possible treatments.

Symptoms of golfer’s elbow

Epitrochleitis is characterised by pain and tenderness in the inner elbow area. You will feel weakness and difficulty in gripping and bending the wrist. This is due to irritation or injury to the tendons that attach to the medial epicondyle of the humerus, the arm bone on the inside of the elbow.

Risk factors for developing epitrochleitis include frequent sports such as golf, tennis, weightlifting and any activity that involves repetitive movements of the wrist and forearm.

Naturally, if you don’t warm up properly either, if you use equipment incorrectly or perform techniques improperly, you are certainly more likely to suffer from golfer’s elbow.

Treatment of epitrochleitis

If you identify with the above symptoms, it is important to see a doctor, as an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment can help alleviate symptoms and aid recovery.

Additionally, if you suffer from this problem on a regular basis, you may want to seek the supervision of a trainer to modify your sporting or work technique to avoid repetitive strain on the affected area.

In terms of treatment for epitrochleitis, conservative measures such as rest, icing, physiotherapy and massage, strengthening and stretching exercises, splints and other sports orthopaedic devices are usually used. If recommended by the doctor, anti-inflammatory drugs can also be very helpful.

Only in the most severe or persistent cases is surgery considered.

Golfer’s elbow massage in Estepona

Massage for golfer’s elbow is one of the most common treatments to solve or alleviate this type of ailment. There are techniques that can be carried out by the patient himself, but professionals are usually used for greater comfort and effectiveness in the results.

We are experts in sports massage and perform home massages in Estepona and Marbella. Contact us today and we will come to the indicated address, at the scheduled date and time, with all the necessary equipment for the therapy.

Thanks to the sports massage we can relieve pain and muscle overload. We perform deep and intense massages, focusing on the affected areas. We will also apply cold, as it has beneficial effects on the tendon tissues and contributes to the rehabilitation of the affected elbow.

With sports massage you may feel discomfort and some pain in the affected area, so if you wish, to compensate and make it a more pleasant experience, many clients take the opportunity to book a relaxing massage with slow, deep strokes that cover the whole body, from head to toe.

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