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Who doesn’t long for an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing, especially in sunny Estepona? We offer a home massage service in Estepona, an experience that will transform your physical and emotional wellbeing. Discover why our massages, from lymphatic or relaxing to sports massages, are a fabulous sensory experience.

One of our most requested services is lymphatic drainage, like a delicate dance that releases tension and awakens inner energy. It is a fluid experience, like a gentle sea breeze, that revitalises your body and soul.

Relaxing massages are another of our specialities, like a stroll through a secret garden of tranquillity. Each movement is a caress that dissolves stress and immerses you in a state of deep calm. It is a well-deserved rest for your body and mind.

If tension is building up in your muscles, our decontracting massages are the answer. A therapeutic embrace that releases every knot, leaving you to feel the freedom of unrestricted mobility.

For those who want to prepare their body for the challenge, sports massage is the key. It’s a ritual that strengthens and revitalises, leaving you ready to conquer your goals.

And for mums-to-be, we offer massages designed to be like a sweet embrace. Undoubtedly an excellent treatment for relieving back pain during pregnancy. It is a gentle and loving experience, which benefits both mother and baby.

Massage therapist near me

Why look for paradise when you can have it come to your home? With our masseuse service in Estepona at home, paradise comes to you. In case you hadn’t thought about it, here are some good reasons:

  1. No commuting, just relaxation: Forget the stress of traffic or having to park. Imagine opening the door, finding your masseuse with everything you need to immerse yourself directly in a relaxing experience.
  2. Total personalisation: Your space, your preferences. We adapt each session according to your needs and the atmosphere you like best. It can be indoors or on the terrace, in broad daylight or by candlelight.
  3. Time for you, no distances: With a masseur nearby, you make the most of every minute for yourself. There is no need to travel long distances, especially if you live in a housing estate or a remote area.
  4. No worries after the massage: Worried about having to drive home after a relaxing massage? With us, you just let yourself go, you’re at home so as soon as we’re done, we pick everything up and you can continue your day as you wish.

How much does a masseuse at home cost?

As masseuses in Estepona, we offer a quality service, exercised by experienced professionals, and totally transparent. In fact, below we explain the prices to find out how much a home massage in Estepona costs.

The main factors that influence the price are the duration of the massage and the type of massage or technique that we are going to perform.

Our home massage sessions in Estepona last one hour, except for the Body and Soul massage which lasts 90 minutes.

For each person a massage can have a different objective (relieve tension and stress, decontract, eliminate pain, lymphatic drainage, etc.). Depending on the technique used, the price varies because it requires more effort, specific tools and specialisation.

Below you will find a table with the rates for the different sessions:

Price of a home massage in Estepona

Type of massageDurationPrice
Relaxing massage60 min65 €
Decontracting massage60 min75 €
Lymphatic drainage60 min65 €
Body Sculpt Special60 min70 €
Body and Soul Massage90 min90€

You also have the option of buying vouchers for several sessions. For example, you can purchase a voucher for 5 sessions of Body Sculpt Special for €325, so that you can reduce the total price of each massage, or if you wish, you can give it as a gift to someone else.

As you can see, we have very affordable rates, we work for all types of profiles. Men and women of all ages, dedicated to domestic work, employees, businessmen or professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc.

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Do you want to immerse yourself in a massage experience that takes you beyond the ordinary? Now you can enjoy the wellness of massages without leaving your home. Book your individual or couple session today, it will be a fabulous experience that you will want to repeat.

Our massage service in Estepona and Marbella is available from Monday to Friday, we don’t just offer massages; we offer you a path to a more peaceful and balanced life, the next step is to contact us and book your appointment! Your wellbeing will thank you.

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